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General Information

Outline of Services

Name Japanese Red Cross Wakayama Medical Center
Address 4-20 Komatsubara-dori, Wakayama City 640-8558
Established April 1, 1905
Number of beds 700 Beds
Clinical Departments Cardiovascular Medicine / Gastroenterology and Hepatology /  Diabetology and Endocrinology / Hematology / Nephrology / Respiratory Medicine / Neurology / Psychiatry / Psychosomatic  Medicine / Rheumatology / Infectious Disease Medicine / Kampo (Chinese harbal) Medicine / Palliative Medicine / Medical Oncology  / Pediatrics / Dermatology / Surgery / Breast Surgery / Pediatric surgery / Ophthalmology / Otorhinolaryngology / Obstetrics and  Gynecology / Urology / Orthopaedics / Dentistry and Oral Surgery / Neurosurgery / Cardiovascular Surgery / Plastic and  Reconstructive Surgery / Thoracic Surgery / Radiation  Oncology / Diagnostic Radiology / Anesthesiology / Rehabilitation / Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine / Diagnostic Pathology /
Other Departments Division of Medical Checkup / International Medical Relief Department / Hospital Pharmacy / Medical Technology Department / Nursing Department / Clinical Laboratory Department / Medical Social Services Department / Administration Sector, General Affairs Department / Administration Sector, Accounting Department / Division of Medical Safety Promotion / Division of Education and Training Promotion / Division of Infection Control/Consultation Support Center for Patients and the family
Designations/Accreditations ・Advanced Emergency Care Center
・General Disaster Care Hospital of Wakayama Prefecture
・Medical Institution for Type I and Type II Infectious Diseases
・Designated Hospital for Postgraduate Clinical Training
・Regional Core Hospital for Cancer Treatment
・Regional Medical Care Support Hospital
・Regional Perinatal Care Center
・Hospital Function Evaluation (JCQHC-Hospital Type 2 3rd G:Ver.1.0) Accreditation
・Japanese Red Cross International Medical Relief Core Hospital
Reception Hours for Outpatient
(Monday - Friday)
First Visit: 8:00 am - 11:30 am
Non-Consultation Days Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, New Year Holidays: December 29 to January 3, and May 1(Foundation Anniversary of Japanese Red Cross Society)
Facilities Rooftop helipad (accommodates 2 helicopters)
Parking 541 spaces
Attached facilities Japanese Red Cross Wakayama School of Nursing
Asunaro Nursery

(as of April 1, 2023)


About car parking


About information of parking lot and parking fee, you can find it in the page below, written in Japanese language;


About outpatient 外来(がいらい)について

a new patient

For first visitors to this hospital or particular department

We don’t have any professional medical interpreters.

If you need,please come to the hospital with your own interpreter.

If you have referral sheet, you can reserve the date and time of consultation and examination at the reservation center.

Even if you don’t have any referral sheets, you can consult with doctors except for anesthesiologists and breast surgeons. 
But then, you need extra fee as below;

¥7,700 to see doctors 
医師(いし)の診察(しんさつ) 5000円(えん) 

¥5,500 to see dentists
歯科(しか)医師(いし)の診察(しんさつ) 3000円(えん)

Office hour: From 8:00 to 11:30.  But finishing time depends on from each department.
受付(うけつけ)時間 (じかん):8時(じ)から11時(じ)30分(ふん)まで。ただし、終(お)わる時間(じかん)は科(か)によって違(ちが)います。

Reception place: No.3 department in the 1st floor of the main building,


Bring insurance card, traveler’s insurance card, referral sheet etc. with you.

Re-consultation patient

For those who have come to this hospital and special departments before

You can use automatic reception machine in the 1st floor of the main building.

But you must go to No.3 department in the 1st floor of the main building, if you visit particular department for the first time or you have not come to the hospital for more than 1 year.

Office hour:From 8:00 to 11:30. But finishing time depends on from each department.
受付(うけつけ)時間 (じかん):8時(じ)から11時(じ)30分(ふん)まで。ただし終(お)わる時間(じかん)は科(か)によって違(ちが)います。

And if you have already reserved it and finish reception procedure, you can see doctors even after 11:30.

You can’t see doctors of Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, Rheumatology and Chinese herbal Medicine without reservations.

emergency outpatient

If you want to see doctors urgently

This hospital is open 24 hours, including holidays.

But doctors will firstly see patients in severe condition in Emergency Room.

So, if other patients are in severe conditions, you might have to wait them or wait for long time.

If your condition is too severe to wait so long, please tell it to the reception.

Please call to the reception of emergency room before you see doctors, and tell your symptom, age, sex etc.

We will tell you how to see doctors.

When you come to the hospital, please bring insurance card and, if you are traveler, traveler’s insurance card with you.

Fill in consultation application sheet, and hand over it to the reception with insurance card.

You have to wait to see your doctors until treatments of other patients who need surgery or hospitalization finish.

You have to pay in the day you see doctors, but sometimes you need some amount of deposit.

And, in addition to doctor’s fee etc., you might have to pay extra fee when you see doctors in nights or holidays.

About extra fee when you see doctors in nights or holidays

Except for patients who need urgent treatment or hospitalization, those who come to the hospital in nights and holidays have to pay extra fee in addition to medical fee except for below;

  Those who has referral sheets.

 Those who was told to come to this hospital by its doctors.

 Those who got worse after seeing doctors on the same day.

 Those who got sick or injured severely during your work.

Fee:  ¥5,500

Time : From 17:30 at night to 9:00 next morning
時間(じかん):夜(よる)17時(じ)30分(ふん) ~朝(あさ)9時(じ)まで

Days : Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays

From 29th December to 3rd January, 1st May

About hospitalization 入院について


How to prepare for hospitalization

Procedure of hospitalization

Office hour: From 9:00 to 17:30, except for holidays of our hospital 
Papers you have to bring:

Hospitalization application sheets

Health insurance card

If you are traveler, traveler’s insurance card.

things to bring for hospitalization

Goods you have to bring in the day you are hospitalized  :

Consulting card, Stamp, Health insurance card

Hospitalization application sheets, Handbook of hospitalization

Reservation sheets of examinations, if you have them

All medicines you have

Nightwear, Underwear, Soap, Bath towel, Towels, Shoes, Tableware, etc.

Notes of emergency phone numbers

Other goods you are told to bring by outpatient department staff


How to visit

Visiting hours: From 13:00 to 17:00.

At each entrance/exit of our hospital, visitors'body temperature are measured with infraredthermography. When you have a fever, you are not allowed to visit a Pateient.

Please observe the following rules;

Please visit within visiting hours above to concentrate on the treatment of patients.

Each patient can have a visit for up to 15 minutes and no more than 3 people.

You have to register at the staff station before you visit a patient.If you are not a patient's family member, you can't visit the patient.

You can't visit a patient without wearing a mask.

Please disinfect your hands and fingers at each entrance/exit, and before entering a patient's room.

Please avoid visiting after drinking alcohol.


To avoid infection, do not bring those who has infectious disease or small children.

Depends on the condition of the patient, you might be prohibited to visit a patient.

About payment  INTERNATIONAL

About payment

Where and when to pay;

Payment reception in the 1st floor of the main building:  From 9:00 to 17:30 of weekdays
本館(ほんかん)1階(かい)会計(かいけい)窓口(まどぐち): 平日(へいじつ)の9時(じ)から17時(じ)30分(ふん)まで

Automatic payment machine: From 9:00 to 17:00 of weekdays with consultation card
自動(じどう)支払(しはら)いの機械(きかい): 平日(へいじつ)の9時(じ)から17時(じ)まで、診察券(しんさつけん)が必要(ひつよう)です

Reception and automatic payment machine of Emergency Room in the 1st floor of the main building:

From 17:30 at night to 9:00 next morning of weekdays
平日(へいじつ) 夜(よる)17時(じ)30分(ふん)  ~ 朝(あさ)9時(じ)まで 
Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays

How to pay

Cash or credit cards below, one-time payment only;

VISA, Mastercard, American express, Diners Club INTERNATIONALJCB



When you use credit cards for automatic payment machine, please check your code number and limitation of use.

If you have any question about payment, please ask the staff in the reception of hospitalization on the 1st floor of the main building.

If you are under public assistance, please come to the hospital after you call to the manager.